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For sure, just few people would name Germany as an acronym for 'whitewater' - nevertheless, there are some nice 'whitewater-jewels', which definitely increase the heartbeat of any whitewater-kayaker.

Steep decents in the Eistobel (Bavaria)

The Alz-cataract (Bavaria).

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Slovenia, the northern part of former Yugoslavia, is a real hot tip for kayakers. But there is more than just the Soca, which is well-known for it's crystal-clear whitewater of grade I-VI ... !

A jewel in Slovenia: The Vintgar Gorge of the Radovna.

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Czech Republic

Like Germany, the Czech Republic is not very well known for it's whitewater-rivers. But the regions in the north and north-east do offer some amazing trips e.g. on rivers usually associated with ocean liners.

Looking at the Elbe in Hamburg (Germany), no one would ever imagine it's wild source near Spindleruv Mlyn (Spindler Mühle).
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