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Folding Kayaks:

  faltboot.de - THE best folding kayak site I ever came across
  paddlersepp.de - Personal site of the German foalding boat pionier Sepp Schächner
  Klepper - The German company which "invented" the folding kayak
  Pouch - The second big folding kayak manufacturer in Germany
  Faltbootfreunde Kärnten - Nicely pictured club homepage
  Folding Kayaks - German online-shop for folding boats (Out-Trade GmbH)
  Feathercraft folding kayaks
  Folbot folding kayaks
  Folding Kayak Adventures (Seattle, USA)
  New York Kayak Company - The Folding Kayak Specialists (USA)
  Wooden Model of "Hammer Seewolf" and "Klepper Aerius II" Folding Kayaks:

Canoeing in Europe:

DKV flag Deutscher Kanu Verband e.V. (German Canoe Association, DKV)
AKC logo Alpiner Kajak Club (German Whitewater Kayaker's Association, AKC)
SaU logo Salzwasserunion (German Sea Kayaker's Association, SaU)
Kanumagazin logo KANUMAGAZIN - German canoeist newsletter
  Bayerischer Kanu-Verband e.V. (Bavarian Canoe Association, BKV)
  Eiskanal (Info's about the 1972's Olympic Slalom Course in Augsburg/Germany)
  Eisenbahner-Sport-Verein ESV München - ESV Canoe Club (Munich/Germany)
  Sportgemeinschaft Stuttgart-Untertürkheim (Canoe Club Stuttgart/Germany)
B.E. logo Bayerische Einzelpaddler Vereinigung e.V. (Bavarian Paddlers Association, Germany)
  Spierentonne.de - Seakayaker's page (Germany)
  Alster-Canoe-Club Hamburg (Germany)
  Viewit - Watersport links
  Steve's Canoe Homepage (Munich, Germany)
  British Canoe Union (BCU, Great Britain)
  Scottish Canoe Association (Scotland, Great Britain)
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Canoeing worldwide: USA ...

  American Canoe Association (ACA, USA)
  American Whitewater Affiliation (USA)
  Wave~Length Paddling Magazine (USA)
  Nick's Kayak Page (Glastonbury, CT)
  Preston's Kayak Page
  Ottawa Whitewater Paddlers (Canada)
  The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River 'Inofficial handbook'
  The Canyon - Rafting & Canoeing trips through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River
  On-line waterlevel information for the USA by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
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Commercial Canoe Links:

  Prijon Kayaks (Rosenheim, Germany)
  Eskimo Kayaks (Landshut, Germany)
  Perception Kayaks (USA)
  Dagger Kayaks (USA)
  Kanu-Out-Door (Göttingen, Germany)
  Blue and White Canoe Equipment (Rosenheim, Germany)
  Zölzer Canoe Equipment (Essen, Germany)
  Wildwasser's Wildnet (Prijon, USA)
  LaOla Outdoorcenter (Rosenheim, Germany)
  Rafting Tours Augsburg (Germany)
  Paddle People (hf, Germany)

Navigation: Global Positioning System (GPS), ...

  GARMIN (GPS manufacturer)
  MAGELLAN (GPS manufacturer)
  GPS-GmbH (GPS dealer near Munich)
  satrent Iridium-satellite-telephones rentals (Allows communication from almost every place on earth!)
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