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    To speed up things for you, here are some links you may want to follow me right now to:

Have a look at my List of Canoeing Literature ?
Read some historic literature online (via the internet) ?
Browse the list of canoeing magazines ?
Look for a wooden model of a folding kayak for you bookshelf ?

This page was build to serve anybody interested in canoeing literature (especially the German one) to get an rough overview of what's out there. The list is not complete by far, but if you send me an eMail on missing pieces, I will try my best to keep it updated. The focus, however, will remain on books which are not available from your bookstore any longer.
I also would like to point everybody interested in historical canoeing literature to the alternative and very extensive booklist of Herbert Kropp in Oldenburg/Germany, which is definitely worth a visit. As a good starting point for the subsequent hunt after real-world book copies I then would recommend e.g. the Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bücher (Online-bookshop for historic books).

  Online Search for Antiquarian Books:

And here you go to my own List of Canoeing Literature (as of year 2000)
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Historic literature online:

Use the following links to read some historic canoeing literature online - e.g. the first canoeing book in history:

'A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on Rivers and Lakes of Europe' von John Mac Gregor (1865):

'The voyage of the paper canoe' von N.Bishop (1878):

I would very much appreciate your hints via eMail to other examples of online canoeing literature to complement this short list !

Index of canoeing magazines:

Name of the magazine
First issue Last issue Publisher / Comment    
Official newsletter of the German Canoe Federation (DKV)
1919 ? still published DKV Wirtschafts- und Verlags GmbH, Duisburg
DKV online
Magazin für Kajak und Kanadier
1994 still published rotpunkt Verlag, Weinstadt-Benzach
Fluß und Zelt:
Zeitschrift für Flußwandern, Freiluftleben und Kleinbootsegeln
1926 1929 ? Bergverlag Rudolf Rother, München    
KANU magazin 1979 1980 ? Berner Verlag & Werbung, Velden/Vils
Publisher H.Memminger
EVEREST - Das Höchste der Gefühle:
Klettern Paddeln Radeln Fliegen
1990 1991 ? Bergfex Verlag, Innsbruck    
Paddle Power:
Soulboaters magazine (german)
2000 ? 2001 ? La Ola Outdoor Center
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