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Grand Canyon of the Colorado: Granite Gorge

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Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek

Below Phantom Ranch, the only reasonable access point to river in the central part of the Grand Canyon, whitewater difficulties raise significantly.

Roaring water below Phantom Ranch.

Support raft running down Horn Creek Rapid
(Mile 90.5), the first in a series.

Working hard to escape the jaws of Granite Rapids
(Mile 93.5).

Breaking through a wall of water at Hermit Falls (Mile 95).

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Surfer's Paradise at Elves Chasm (Mile 116.5)


Down under in white foam.

Taking a wild surf.

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Taking a walk: Tapeats Creek - Surprise Valley - Deer Creek (Mile 133.5 - 136.5)

Walking up along Tapeats Creek.

Looking down onto Deer Creek.

Blooming cactus at Surprise Valley.

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View from Deer Creek Falls up through
Granite Narrows, the narrowest part of the
Grand Canyon (Mile136).

Black lava canyon walls announce the great final ...

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Lava Falls (Mile 179)


Running Lava Falls right of the big hole -
just one meter left would give you the
experience of your life !

Motor raft running the same route as we did.

Same line as above viewed from the right bank:
Running on the 'perfect' track right
beside the big hole ...

... is no guarantee for a comfortable ride !
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