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Running the upper (Swiss) Inn: Scuol to Martina

The Swiss Inn - one of the typical autumn trips in
the Alps. Nevertheless, it suffered heavily from the
new dam built below Scoul which 'dehydrated' the
classic startes trip for new big-water enthusiasts -
the Martina stretch.

Close passage along the rock face in the
WW IV-V Scuol rapid.

Entering the big Scuol rapid.

Lost memories: Entry to the 'Gravel pit' rapid
on the Martina strech with full water. Today,
this ride is hard to re-experience, as the new
dam in Scuol normally takes all the water away.

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Running the rafting weir 'Großer Lauffen' on the Traun (Austria)

The Traun with its various old timber rafting weirs offers just small whitewater but beautiful surroundings .

Running the weir on the right-hand route.
Since the early days of folding boat kayaking,
the 'Großer Lauffen' offers a real challenge to
stand. Today, especially rodeo kayakers love
the big stopper at the end of the left-hand route.

Resting below the big weir.

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Olympic Slalom Course of 1972 - the Eiskanal in Augsburg/Germany

My first descent of this artifical WW IV-V slalom course in my Klepper Slalom 1956 foldable kayak took place in the early morning of August 5, 1989 - just one month after my first test run on the Isar near Moosburg.

Fighting through the 'Washing Machine'.

Leaving the (downstream) left-hand eddy below the 'Washing Machine', turning close around the rock in the canal's center.

Shooting down the drop below the 'Bridge of Sighs'.

High brace when leaving the big eddy below the 'Bridge of Sighs'

Sideward passage of the 'Restaurant Stopper'.
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